Xtreme Lands

Dive into our Semi-Vanilla Survival Minecraft server, featuring Antigriefing system, Claimable Lands, Random Teleportation, Set Homes, Pets, and Player Economy.

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Welcome to Xtreme Lands Server!

Step into our Cross-Platform Semi-Vanilla Survival Minecraft server! Embrace the best of both Java and Bedrock versions, ensuring seamless play across all devices. Experience our carefully crafted blend of traditional survival with added safeguards and conveniences. Join us for a distinctive Minecraft journey where adventure and community thrive!

Land Sign Icon Lands Antigriefing

All player claims are protected and can not be modified by anyone else. You will need to /lands trust your friends to give them access to your land.

Building Icon Set Homes

Homes allow you save your favorite locations and transport back to them whenever you desire using /home. Experience the freedom to explore and return to your chosen spots effortlessly.

Switches Icon Customizable Claims

Unleash the full potential of your lands! Access the command /lands and dive into a world of possibilities. Configure flags, create subdivisions, rent spaces, trust players and more!

Shop Icon NPC Market

Explore the Admin Shop at spawn by using /spawn or /warp ashop. Discover a diverse range of blocks ready for buying and selling through NPCs! Dive in and effortlessly expand your inventory!

Creeper Icon Pets

Forge unique bonds with mobs by turning them into your pets! Simply use a lead when defeating any mob, and you can have them as your loyal companions. Embrace the adventure with your newfound creature allies!

Lightning Bolt Icon mcMMO

MCMMO is a powerful plugin that enhances your Minecraft gameplay. Offering a unique RPG experience, introduces skill progression, leveling, and special abilities. As you engage in various activities, such as mining, combat, and more, your skills improve over time

Stay Informed

Keep yourself updated with the latest news and announcements on our Discord server. Join us to showcase your builds and engage with our community. Explore our recent updates and get real-time gameplay information. Gain access to all our Discord channels when you join.

In-Game Chat

You can now view and send in-game messages directly from our Discord channel. It's easy! Simply join our Discord server, and you'll have the ability to read and send messages to the in-game chat.

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Iron Ingot Vote Rewards

Get special rewards by voting on at least 5 sites! Use the command /vote to cast your votes, you'll receive a special key for unique in-game rewards. Head to /warp crates to unlock your crate and discover the exclusive treasures that awaits you.

Iron Ingot
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Aetherlite Ranks

We offer an exciting array of ranks to enhance your gaming experience on our Minecraft server. Ranks not only grant you exclusive benefits but also allow you to unlock special features and advantages as you navigate through our world.

Ranks and Perks




Novice Register a new Account
All basic permissions
Up to 3 homes in survival
Up to 2 MyPet slots
Up to 5 lands in survival
Apprentice Play for 3 hours
Up to 4 homes in survival
Up to 2 MyPet slots
Up to 5 lands in survival
Journeyman Play for 1 day
Up to 5 homes in survival
Up to 3 MyPet slots
Up to 10 lands in survival
Expert Play for 3 days
Up to 6 homes in survival
Up to 6 MyPet slots
Up to 20 lands in survival
Master Play for 10 days
Up to 7 homes in survival
Up to 7 MyPet slots
Up to 25 lands in survival
Grandmaster Play for 15 days
Up to 8 homes in survival
Up to 8 MyPet slots
Up to 30 lands in survival
Legend Play for 25 days
Up to 9 homes in survival
Up to 9 MyPet slots
Ascendant Play for 50 days
Up to 10 homes in survival
Up to 10 MyPet slots

VIP Ranks




Visionary Pay 2.000.000 ingame
Custom colored nickname in chat
Access to SELL GUI Anywhere
Up to 12 homes in survival
Up to 20 MyPet slots
Up to 20 MyPet slots
Artisan pay 4.000.000 ingame
Custom prefix in chat
Access to SHOPS anywhere
Up to 14 homes in survival
Up to 27 MyPet slots
Mastermind pay 7.000.000 ingame
FLY inside your lands!
Up to 16 homes in survival
Up to 36 MyPet slots
Like a Mini creative mode!

Commands logo Commands Section

Armor Stand Editor:

/ase help - Instructions for using the ArmorStand Editor.

/kit asedit - Kit for editing the armorstands.

Display item in chat

[i] - Displays in the chat the item you're holding in the hand


/hub - Main Teleporting Menu

/pwarp - Player warps menu


/discord - Displays the link of the Discord Group of the Server.

/discord link - Links your game account with the discord group.


/back - Teleports you to your last location.

/balance - Shows the amount of money you have.

/baltop - Lists players by top balances.

/fly - Toggles fly mode inside your claim area. (ONLY FOR VIP RANKS).

/home [name] - Teleports you to your selected home.

/kit asedit - Gives you the armorstand editor kit.

/kit starter - Gives you the starter kit.

/mail [send or view] - Shows your mails.

/msg [player] - Send a private message to a player.

/r [message] - Quick respond to a previous player message.

/pay [amount] - Pay the selected amount of money to another player.

/playtime - Shows your playtime.

/seen [player] - Lets you see the last time a player was online.

/sethome [name]- Sets a home. (ACCORDING TO THE RANKS).

/spawn - Teleports you to the Spawn world.

/tpahere [player] - Send an invitate to a player for teleport to you.

/tpaccept - Accept the incoming invite.

/tpacancel - Cancel the invite.

/tpask [player] - Send a request to a player for teleport to them.

/warps - Open the GUI to the Admin Warps.


/mcstats - View your mcmMMO stats.

/[skill] - View information about a skill.

/mctop [skill] - View Leaderboard.

/mcability - Toggle ability activation with right click.

mcMMO Party:

/party create [name]- Create a new party.

/party quit - Leave your current party.

/party chat - Toggle party chat.

/party invite [player] - Send party invite.

/party accept - Accept party invite.

/party teleport [player] - Teleport to a party member.

My Pet:

/petinfo - Displays info about your pet.

/petname [name] - Sets the name of your pet, you can also use color codes.

/petrelease - Release your pet so you don't have a pet anymore.

/petcall - Teleports your pet to you.

/petsendaway - Sends your pet away. It can be still called by using the /petcall command.

/petswitch - Allows you to switch between pets.

/petstore - Allows you to store your active pet.

/pettrade [accept or reject or cancel or a (player name)] [price] - offers your current pet to another player.

/petshop - opens a GUI that shows the available pet shops.

/petskill - shows info about the skills of your pet.

/petstop - orders your pet to stop attacking his target

/petchooseskilltree or /pcst- shows all available skilltrees and lets you selects a skilltree for your pet.

My Pet Skill Commands:

/petinventory - Opens the inventory of your pet.

/petpickup - Toggles pickup of your pet on/off. Requires Inventory with at least one row of slots.

/petbehavior - Toggles the behavior your pet.

/petbeacon - Opens the beacon window of your pet.

Player Warps:

/pwarp - Open the Player Warps Menu GUI.

/pwarp [warp name] - Teleports to the player warp.

/pwarp set [name] - Sets a warp to your location. THIS WILL COSTS YOU 2000$ AND IT MUST BE APPROVED BY A STAFF MEMBER FIRST.

/pwarp rate [warp] [rate] - Rate a warp.


/vote - See voting URL's..

/vote best - View your best voting.

/vote gui - Open vote GUI menu.

/vote last - See your last vote.

/vote list/all - See voting URL's.


/death - Open the graves menu, here you can teleport to your last dead location even if you die in lava or void.


/pvp - Toggles PvP.

/pvpstatus - Check your PvP status.

Antigriefing logo Lands Antigriefing

Lands Claiming:

Create a New Land:

/lands create [name] - CREATE A NEW LAND. (e.g. /lands create BestLand123)

Expand your land:

/lands claim - Claim chunks for your main LAND. You only claim the chunks near of your main land, if not, a new Land will be created, please note that there are limits in the lands number according to ranks.

Subdivide your land:

/lands selection - Gives you the SELECTION TOOL to create subselected areas.

/lands assign [name] - Assign the AREA selected with the SELECTION TOOL.

Other Lands commands:

/lands - MAIN GUI MENU

/lands accept [landname] - Accept invite.

/lands balance [land] - Check balance of the selected land.

/lands ban [player] [area] - Ban a player from the selected AREA.

/lands chat [land] - Toggles the lands chat, only members of your land will recive the messages.

/lands claimlist - Shows a list of claims.

/lands delete - Delete the selected land, you can select one of your lands in the GUI s.

/lands deny - Deny invite from another player.

/lands deposit [number] [land] - Deposit money to the land BANK.

/lands info - View information about the land you're on.

/lands invites - Show recived invites.

/lands leave [land] - Leave the selected land or area.

/lands list - View all lands.

/lands map - View map in the chat.

/lands merge [land] - Merge a land into your current one.

/lands relations - Manage relations with other lands.

/lands rent - Manage rental.

/lands setowner [player] - Transfer Ownership.

/lands setrole [player] - Set role to a player. (Ally, Member, Admin)

/lands untrust [player] - Untrust a player in your land.

/lands view - Shows a visualization of the claims. To stop visualization do /lands view disable

/lands wild - Teleports you to a random location. RTP

/lands withdraw [number] - Withdraw money from the land BANK.

/lands setspawn - Set the spawn in your land, other players will be teleported here if the permission is enabled.

/lands spawn [land] - Teleport to a land.

/lands taxes - Show ucoming tax payments.

/lands top - Show TOP lands.

/lands trust [player] - Trust a player in your land.

/lands unban [player] [area] - Unban a player in the selected land/area.

/lands unclaim - Unclaim chunk.

/lands unclaimall - Unclaim all chunks. WARNING THIS WILL DELETE ALL YOUR CLAIMS.

/lands unstuck - Teleport you out of the actual land you're trapped.

Lands Tutorial Video:

Credits to Realms of Aeros.

Antigriefing logo Server Rules

General Rules:

No griefing or stealing.
No begging.
No hacking or using unapproved mods / resource packs.
Respect others. Don't be offensive or immature.
Do not advertise, mention or ask for other servers. putting any server name/IP anywhere in game can and will lead to being banned.

Chat Rules:

No spamming, this includes messages in all caps, counting up in down in chat, letter or word chains, etc.
No racism, homophobia, transphobia, or other general rudeness.
No unapproved links.
Do not complain about lag.
You may curse but keep it civil, do not be offensive or inappropriate.
Be mature.

Mod Rules:

No x-ray mods or resource packs.
No mods that increase fly, jump, run speed, or damage.
No radar/map mods that show underground, caves, or mob locations.

Other Rules:

No scamming other players, in game or irl.
No offensive skins, player names, nicknames, or lands names.
No offensive creations or builds.
Do not build 1x1 towers to the sky.
Do not hunt down or trap other players without consent.
Do not exploit or glitch game mechanics to get an unfair advantage.
Do not advertise other servers in any way, shape, or form.
Don't break or steal other people things. Don't build on other people's lands without permission. Don't grief (e.g. pouring lava over others houses, using tnt cannons, etc.)
The staff can track every item, block and chest you replace, destroy or take. we can also rollback any damage that is done.
Don't impersonate any Mod, Admin or any staff member. Don't ask to become staff, and do not ask for OP.
No hopper transport tubes made with more than 3 hoppers.
Do not use automated in-game or external means to evade the 5 minute AFK kick.
Don't make redstone clocks or redstone circuits/ Any redstone machines must be turned on and off, NOT fully automatic. If you have any questions on a specific build, a mod will be more than happy to view it and clarify.
Similarly, all farms must not be fully automatic, they must be triggered manually, with a button, by a human player. Once again, a mod can clarify for you.

AetherliteConnection Information

Xtreme Lands Server: Your cross-platform Minecraft destination. Connect from Java or Bedrock, play on any device. Use the details below to join the adventure!

Xtreme Lands
Server Address play.xtremelands.com
Server #IP
Java & Bedrock Port 25571
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How to Connect: Bedrock, Mobile, or Console

  • Launch Minecraft
  • Select: Play
  • Select: Servers
  • Select: Add Server
  • Enter Name Xtreme Lands
  • Enter Server Address play.xtremelands.com
  • Port (If required) 25571
  • Click Save

Once completed you should now see Xtreme Lands in your list of Servers. Select Xtreme Lands and then click on Join.

Play from your Console

Watch the following public video tutorials for connecting to a Minecraft server via Xbox Console or Nintendo Switch. When asked to enter a Server address use our information shown above in Connection Info

How to Connect: Xbox Console

How to Connect: Nintendo Switch

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Need Help?

If you still have questions or need help with something to do with Xtreme Lands you can join our Discord Server.